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How do we make your house move stress free?

Here at Cheshire House Moves we appreciate every house move is different.
The Cheshire House Moves service begins with your initial enquiry.

If you would like a FREE, no obligation estimate, click the button below.

Read on for full details of the Cheshire House Moves process. 



During this phase we need to understand your house removal requirements. This can be done via email, over the phone, or by arranging a visit from Kieran who will assess what you require for your house removal.

We will assess the size of your move (volume) and the resources required to ensure your house move goes as smoothly as possible.

You will then receive your detailed moving quotation. This is a fixed price, based on the information you have provided.


Hopefully our house moving quotation is acceptable. If so we would kindly ask that your contact us directly on 07369292816 to make a booking. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a moving date you can still accept our quotation.

When you do get your moving date we would then require you to sign and return the acceptance portion of your moving quotation to confirm your move booking.

Do not book your removal unless your removal date is definite.

Signing a Contract


Cheshire House Moves would recommend working through our moving checklist before moving day to ensure you are prepared when our moving team arrives.

Our fully trained moving team would arrive first thing in the morning. We would then safely wrap and load your furniture safely onto one of our fully equipped moving vehicles. During the loading process we would ask that you are on hand just in case we have any questions. Once loaded we would ask you to double check that nothing has been left behind before we set off for your new home.


On arrival at your new home we would safely set up the vehicle ready for unloading. Protect the new property with, carpet, banister and door protection before asking for a full tour of the new property. We can asses the access of doorways, staircases etc to ensure safe delivery of all your goods as well as establishing where you would like your furniture delivering.

At the end of your house move we would do a final check that everything has been delivered to the correct position and wish you the best of luck in your new home.

Relaxing at Home
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